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New Zealand offers Top-notch academics. It is a safe and welcoming community with a world-class reputation for cutting-edge research and creative energy. The academic degrees offered by New Zealand universities are recognized and respected around the world. New Zealand Colleges, or polytechnics, provide great vocational or English-language education. But, the cost of living and tuition is relatively low.

There are many great social and cultural experiences to choose from while you study in New Zealand giving you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into the Kiwi culture. Consider taking at least one Maori studies course to learn about the diversity of New Zealand’s history and population. In fact: ‘Arts and culture form a lively part of New Zealand life. Traditional Maori arts can be enjoyed throughout the country, while professional theatre companies, orchestras, and opera can be found in the main centers. New Zealand pop music is gaining an international reputation, and you’ll find studios of the country’s best artists throughout the country.

New Zealand is around the same size as Japan or Great Britain. Its biggest city is Auckland. Around 1.3 million people live there, which is one third of the country’s entire population. It is a bustling city famous for its beautiful harbor, excellent cafés and nightlife, and many professional opportunities. The quality of life enjoyed by its residents is famously high, and this attracts many students from all over the world.

New Zealand’s relative geographic isolation has allowed it to avoid many of the problems faced by other nations today. Located to the southeast of Australia and separated from the continent by a 2,000-mile stretch of the Tasman Sea, New Zealand looks as if it is truly at the ends of the earth. However, its distant geographical location does not mean that it is in any way a boring or backward place.

New Zealand is a unique country – the ultimate outdoor playground with excellent study opportunities. You can enjoy outdoor adventure by taking advantage of hiking, skiing, snowboarding, golf, cricket, camping, fishing, river rafting and kayaking opportunities throughout the country, or simply take a stroll through the famously beautiful countryside. New Zealand is home to one of the most beautiful natural environments in the entire world. Here you will get the chance to explore the natural beauty of the islands, mountains and glaciers. New Zealand has plenty of urban excitement, too. From the vibrant capital city of Wellington to sophisticated Auckland to college-town Dunedin, New Zealand’s cities feature sports, entertainment, cultural attractions and lots to see and do. It’s no wonder Lonely Planet named New Zealand the top destination in the world two years in a row!

It is rugby that the kiwis are most famous for. ‘Rugby union is closely linked to New Zealand’s national identity. The national rugby team, the All Blacks, has the best winning record of any national team in the world, including being the inaugural winner of the World Cup, in 1987.

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