Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Hello Everyone,
It's my immense pleasure to welcome you to our website. I started my journey in the education consultancy field in 1999 and gained experience as a language teacher, IELTS Instructor, Student Advisor, and International Co-coordinator. After developing capabilities with my years of dedication, I founded Focus Education with the help of my co-partner, specialist in Japan, to offer student-focused solutions for studying abroad. We have been improvising and utilizing our expertise to benefit aspiring students who want to pursue further studies abroad.

I am thrilled to share what I have achieved so far and sincerely welcome you to Focus Education where my team and I personally await the opportunity to serve you.
Cheers, and have a good day.

Amar Jung Lama, Founder & CEO

DIRECTOR's Profile


Director's Profile

Laxmi Kumari Tamang, Director – Japanese Studies, is a co-founder of this company. With her lifelong passions for Japanese language and culture, she has turned herself as a frequent traveler to Japan. Besides Japan, she has traveled to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. She opines that recruiting only is not the job of education consultancies, but they are equally responsible to provide support to the students for their success abroad. So, during her every visit to Japan, she visits and interacts with our students studying in various institutions there inquiring about their problems and experiences. She is a pioneer education consultant when it comes to student placement to Japanese language schools, colleges and universities.

Laxmi Kumari Tamang, Director
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Who Are We

Focus Education was founded in 2007 with the vision of simplifying study abroad for Nepalese students. Since our inception, we have managed to maintain and improve the quality of our service.



Registered with the Governement of Nepal and incorporated by Company Registrar's Office.

Associate Member of professional bodies like Education Consultancy Association Nepal (ECAN) and ATEC-Nepal.

Training Insititute of Technical Instructor (TITI) Certified Counselors.

Core Strengths

Professional certified team members with extensive work experience in their respective fields.

Strictly abided by the code of ethical conduct as outlined by government and professional bodies.

Proven success records and satisfied after-service testimonials.

We are Driven by Our Core Values since Our Establishement

Right Approach & Insightful Business Practice

Professional Excellence

Outstanding Professionalism

We have set a high service level benchmark for ourselves. Our well-trained and professionally certified student counselors, administrators, documentation officer, and academic instructors make sure that our students achieve the best outcome.

“Students First” Approach

Prioritize Individually Tailored Services

We take pride in our approach and honor all commitments that we make to our aspiring students. It keeps us focused on consistently exceeding the deliverance of their expectations. Every student has a different background, and we provide our services accordingly.

Transparency Policy

Disclosure of Financial Expenses with No Hidden Charges

We do not charge extra costs to students, like making advertising gimmicks. We brief them about our services and the prices involved before registration. It helps us refrain from bad publicity among students.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Team Strengthening and Motivation

We believe in manifesting team spirit by giving equal performing platforms, which results in increased productivity and work efficiency. Our growth as a team ensures high-quality services with proper management and coordination with students and partners.

Code of Ethical Practices

Business Outlook

While proceeding with our business, we value all best practices in the world as our own and respect the locally existing value systems. We, being an associate Member of Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN), adhere to its Code of Conduct.

Sustainable Approach

Developing Long Term Relationships with Institutions and Students

This venture is to bring institutions and students together. Our approach has long term vision to bring a better output which benefits all the parties involve.


Our vision is to help students gain desired education to achieve their career goals and make the process hassle-free while facilitating as an all-in-one solution center.


Our plans, actions, and practices are driven by our core values of delivering quality service and developing sustainable relationships with students, parents, and education providers.


To build sustainable relationships and be recognized as a respectable brand renowned for its ethical practices and quality services.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We not only run the business but also fulfill our responsibilities towards the society we live in. We conduct different social activities like blood donation and participate in social volunteer work like planting, cleaning, etc. Our charity is mainly focused on education; we help renovate schools, distribute stationery to students, and even sponsor their tuition and fees.