Score (0-180):

The result of JLPT are scaled from 0 to 180 score which is converted on the percentage for all levels.

Test Duration:

There are different duration for the test according to its level:

N1 : 170 minutes
N2 : 155 minutes
N3 : 140 minutes
N4 : 125 minutes
N5 : 105 minutes


The validity of JLPT result continues for 2 years.

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Passing Criteria

Passing the test requires both achieving an overall pass mark for the total points, and passing each section individually; these are based on the scaled scores. The sectional scores are to ensure that skills are not unbalanced – so one cannot pass by doing well on the written section but poorly on the listening section, for instance. The overall pass mark depends on the level and varies between 100/180 (55.55%) for the N1 and 80/180 (44.44%) for the N5. The pass marks for individual sections are all 19/60 = 31.67% – equivalently, 38/120 = 19/60 for the large section on the N4 and N5. Note that the sectional pass levels are below the overall pass level, at 31.67% instead of 44.44%–55.55%: one need not achieve the overall pass level on each section. These standards were adopted starting in July 2010, and do not vary from year to year, with the scaling instead varying.
Results for the December test are announced the following March for outside Japan candidates.